LexisNexis is a leading global provider of information and analytics that enable professionals in legal, corporate, government and non-profit organizations to improve decision-making and achieve better business outcomes.

We combine unparalleled legal and business information with analytics and technology to advance what’s possible for the way you work and to advance what’s possible in the world by strengthening the rule of law.

Our Solutions
Delivering best in class legal content for over 100 years, with a comprehensive collection of notable legal content from over 50 countries, 3000 content types and 25,000 sources globally.

From accessing digital legal content library to high-quality legal research and intelligence, we help legal professionals to find the right information for their work.

We integrate trusted legal database with cutting-edge technology, to design specially crafted tools for legal professionals to get unsurpassable insights in advancing the rule of law.

We work with governments and civil society organisations to develop effective systems and infrastructure to make law more accessible and to publish legal content in support of access to justice.

We connect esteemed members from the LexisNexis network with judges, lawyers and legal associations seeking knowledge-transfer and training.

We work with governments and civil society to create bespoke programmes, systems and apps to address gaps in the rule of law.
Expanding the umbrella protection of the rule of law
Advancing the rule of law around the world is a concept that unifies our company across the globe and is passionately supported by the people of LexisNexis. Publishing laws and enabling access to justice is at our core. Through our day-to-day business, products and services, we are working to bring the percentage of people living outside the umbrella protection of the law down to zero.

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